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West End Commons is an Intentional Learning Community and Urban Garden in Atlanta's West End.

It is a collaboration between the Jewish Community and local Southwest Atlanta partners - an inter-community nexus of joy, spiritual growth, learning and the development of self-reliance.




West End Commons is located in Atlanta’s Historic West End, a vibrant, diverse neighborhood that played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement. Overcoming decades of economic stagnation, the area is now experiencing a rapid revitalization largely impacted by the completion of the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail in the summer of 2017.


The why?


In an ultra-urban world, many of us are seeking relevant ways to reconnect with people, nature, and Jewish values. The opportunities to engage in total immersion live-learn experiences in urban sustainable communities is particularly hard felt among students, young families, and retirees. 

Concurrently, rapid urban development results in an increase in property and rental prices, and the disappearance of open spaces. Through direct intervention we can contribute to the sustainability of the land and long-term affordability of houses in transition neighborhoods, while interacting meaningfully with the local community.




A partnership between the Jewish Community and local Southwest Atlanta growers, and connected with the Garden House, the urban garden is designed as a nonprofit farm incubator, learning center and CSA on a one acre garden consisting of annual production, perennials, food forest and woodlands.

Practical training courses and workshops will be offered on premise both to the in-house residents and the local and Jewish communities.


Live - Learn

Garden House 

The Garden House will act as a ‘Greenhouse’ for the next generation of sustainability-focused Jewish programs. 

Resident fellows will partake in a total immersion experience aimed at cultivating urban gardening skills, management of community educational programs, economic self-reliance, and the development of confidence and skills for living in community. 

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Learning House

The Learning House is designed to accommodate 4-5 resident fellows interested in being a part of the West End Commons community with additional programs focused on Jewish Learning

The Learning House will be Shabbat friendly and Kosher, functioning as an open source ‘Beit Midrash:’ a place of learning that is open to everyone and where ongoing classes and study sessions will take place. Rabbis from all denominations will be invited to teach and explore Jewish spirituality within the social and economic context of the West End.



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